The AVR Hotels & Banquets, Kashyap Business Park, Bailey Road, Patna-800014 0612-2594448


We have the best chefs handling food & Beverage production in the kitchen, rustling up a heady mixture of international and local cuisine. Be it continental, Indian or the local delicacies, the dining menu of the Platterz is comparable to the best in the country. We believe in quality and the food served measures up to the strictest parameters of global standards. The dining hall (Platterz), the cutlery and the professional personnel at hand combines to make the dining experience of The AVR Hotels & Banquets an affair to remember.

With luxurious and opulent interiors to match its top-of-the-line continental and Indian cuisine, the Platterz endeavors to provide its customers with a world-class dining experience. Located in the heart of Patna on Bailey Road, the restaurant serves everything from casual lunch to refined dinners.

We Have The Best Chefs Handling Food & Beverage Production In The Kitchen, Rustling Up A Heady Mixture Of International And Local Cuisine. Be It Continental, Indian Or The Local Delicacies, The Dining Menu Of The Platterz Is Comparable To The Best In The Country. We Believe In Quality And The Food Served Measures Up To The Strictest Parameters Of Global Standards. The Dining Hall (Platterz), The Cutlery And The Professional Personnel At Hand Combines To Make The Dining Experience Of The AVR Hotels & Banquets An Affair To Remember.

With Luxurious And Opulent Interiors To Match Its Top-Of-The-Line Continental And Indian Cuisine, The Platterz Endeavors To Provide Its Customers With A World-Class Dining Experience. Located In The Heart Of Patna On Bailey Road, The Restaurant Serves Everything From Casual Lunch To Refined Dinners.

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